Inspection I & II Services

Maintenance Schedule

Oil Service

BMW’s factory oil service requirements are every 25,000km, or every year. At Vitek’s Auto Works we recommend oil change intervals every 12,000km, or every 6 months.

In Calgary our extreme weather conditions and fast changing temperatures alter the consistency of your synthetic oil. Sticking to a regular oil service schedule will maintain the life of your vehicle. It may also prevent additional expenses over time. Having your vehicle inspected will allow you to stay on top of your conditioning, and better manage your investment going forward.

BMW Inspection I & II

BMW Inspections services are important to maintaining your BMW or Mini’s top level of quality. Many of these vehicles from 1995 to 2005 have 5 green service indicator lights on your instrument cluster that will let you know when your full service maintenance inspection is due. These lights indicate both services for “Oil service” interval of 1 year/25,000km or “Inspection” 4 years/100,000km. Dealer recommendations for these services are as follows:

Additional Oil Service 12,500km 6 Months
Oil Service 25,000km Every Year
Additional Oil Service 37,500km 6 Months
Inspection I 50,000km 2 Years
Additional Oil Service 62,500km 6 Months
Oil Service 75,000km Every Year
Additional Oil Service 87,500km 6 Months
Inspection II 100,000km 4 Years

The latest production vehicles have incorporated CBS or Condition Based Service into their on board monitors. This system simplifies your maintenance schedule so you can easily monitor when other individual services are due. Maintaining these intervals and keeping records allow you to insure you keep the resale value of your investment at its peak.


  • Change engine oil and filter while engine is at normal operating temperature
  • Check transmission for leaks
  • Check rear axle for leaks
  • Visually check fuel tank, lines and connection for leaks
  • Check condition, position and mounting of exhaust system – examine for leaks
  • Check power steering system for leaks
  • Check steering for absence of play, condition of suspension, front axle joints, and steering linkage
  • Inspect front and rear brake pads and rotors, check and record thickness – examine brake disc surfaces
  • Check brake system connections and lines for leaks, damage and incorrect positioning
  • Check for free movement of the parking brake cables – adjust parking brake if necessary
  • Check all tire pressures (including spare) – correct if necessary
  • Check condition of tires (outer surfaces, left/right) and tread wear – record measurements and sizes

Engine Compartment

  • Read out diagnostic system, and record any relevant details
  • Check engine cooling system/heater hose connections for leaks – check coolant level and top up antifreeze if required
  • Inspect all drive belts
  • Check brake fluid level – add fluid if required
  • Check windshield washer system and top up fluid level as needed
  • Check air conditioning operation
  • Reset service indicator

Body / Electrical

  • Check battery condition and mounting hardware
  • Check complete lighting system, including headlights, fog lights, parking and marker lights, back-up lights,
  • License plate lights and all interior lights
  • Check operation of turn signals, hazard lights, brake lights, horns and dimmer control
  • Check instrument panel and dashboard illumination and operation of on board computer
  • Check all warning indicator lights
  • Replace front and rear wiper inserts/blades (note: additional charges will apply if aftermarket blades are installed)
  • Check washer system and wiper operation, adjust jet positions if required
  • Check condition and function of safety belts
  • Check central locking system and operation of all latches
  • Check heater/air conditioner blower, rear window defogged
  • Check rear view mirrors
  • Replace spark plugs
  • Replace intake air filters and clean intake box of all debris
  • Half-shafts: Check condition of CV joints/drive shaft flexible boots
  • Replace diff fluid, including front if 4 wheel drive

Final Inspection

Road test with check of brakes, suspension, steering clutch/manual transmission or automatic transmission.

*Automatic transmissions with LIFETIME TRANSMISSION fluid in the transmission are NOT included in regular Inspection 2 pricing—see your service advisor for additional pricing

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