At Vitek’s Autoworks we are truly passionate about what we do. From day to day driving, to weekend adventures through the mountains, BMW’s are a part of our lives. Drivers know that nothing compares to the experience of owning a BMW/Mini.

Our love for the BMW/Mini brand started years ago while working at Crowfoot BMW. We were able to grow our knowledge and skills while working with a variety of talented people who showed us that there is much more to this brand than just the vehicles themselves. Today, in our own business, we continue to ensure we represent a vision worthy of the BMW brand.

As technology progresses, both BMW and Mini have continued to accelerate in the production of user friendly components and features. At Vitek’s Autoworks we ensure your vehicle is serviced by only the best. Our skilled and driven team put in the time and dedication these vehicles require to obtain peak performance. Perfection is our passion and we strive to deliver every day.