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Maintenance Services

Maintaining your BMW/Mini with us will ensure superior handling, ultimate performance, and most importantly, the safety and reliability you require for you and your family.

Being a part of a regular scheduled maintenance program will reduce the expense of an unwanted and unexpected repair. Having our team keep track of your vehicles maintenance for you will ensure appointment bookings are done to fit your schedule, and that correct vehicle servicing time intervals are met. Our team will keep you informed and educated about what to expect in the future.

Vitek’s Autoworks provides a maintenance program for your vehicle that is consistent with factory service guidelines. Proper maintenance assures that your BMW or Mini gives you the Ultimate Driving Experience every time you turn the key.

Brake System Flush

Brake fluid is hydroscopic that absorbs moisture to protect the brake system lines, hoses, pistons and seals from corrosion. Moisture lowers the boiling point of the fluid and can cause corrosion in the system if not replaced. A brake fluid system flush is scheduled every 2 years, as recommended by BMW and Mini factory service.

Coolant System Flush

Coolant keeps your engine within normal operating temperature, prevents freezing in winter, and maintains the internal surfaces of your engine by preventing corrosion. New coolant protects and lubricates these components. As coolant ages the pH level drops and it can no longer provide peak level of protection. Coolant is not subjected to the same extreme conditions as engine oil and therefore does not need to be changed as frequently. Cooling system flushes are scheduled every 3 years.

Transmission Fluid

Transmission system services should be performed every 4 years or 100,000km to maintain the long term durability and protection of your transmission. Most BMW and Mini transmissions are “lifetime fluid” according to BMW factory service guidelines and are to be changed at owner’s requests.

Power Steering Fluid

Just like other operating fluids in your BMW, power steering fluid is less effective in providing lubrication and protection for the power steering components as it ages. A power steering fluid change is recommended at 100,000km intervals.

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